Monday, 11 June 2012

Thing 6 (yes, I know I am running a week behind)
I have been inspired to update my LinkedIn profile, which up to now has been confined to accepting connections from people like my brother!  Facebook however I am not so sure about.  It certainly is a fantastic tool for many people and organisations, but for me it is good to have somewhere that is personal rather than professional, where I can (if I want - I haven't yet) post family photos etc and contact friends.  The notion of privacy and a private life must still exist somewhere.
So far, all the discussions have been about professional development, and how this plethora of social media can link people and share information "behind the scenes": as a worker in the public sector I am interested in how Twitter, Facebook etc can be used to communicate with the public.  Can it be more than just a PR exercise - to raise profile or disseminate info about events and developments?

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